Thursday, February 26, 2009

Session Slideshow

Check out this video to catch a glimpse of an entire session set to music!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brand New Baby Girl!

So today I got to photograph a four-day-old baby! I love getting to see babies that young. They are so precious and it's just impossible to remember how tiny newborns are. This baby girl was a wonderful little model and after a little coaxing she snuggled up and let me take a bazillion pictures of her. Congratulations to her excited new family!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Blustery Day...

I wasn't sure the weather would hold up for this shoot, but it turns out to be a good thing I'm a photographer and not a meteorologist! The day at the beach was gorgeous and very windy :). These kids were so sweet and well-behaved. The little girl was very concerned about the water, but her love of animals coaxed her into getting her toes wet when I told her she might find fishies in the ocean. Her brother was the opposite, getting soaked "by accident" almost We had a blast.


Newborns are perhaps my favorite subjects to capture. The essence of a newborn - fragility, dependency, innocence - is best captured within the first ten days of his/her life. After this time, they are not as sleepy or easy to "pose." Baby acne, if it's going to pop up, typically does so shortly after this time. Because we have such a small window of time, it's important to work together to take full advantage of our session together. Here are some tips for preparing for our newborn session:

1. We will need your newborn to be very sleepy to get the best shots. There are two things you can do to help with this. Most of the photos will be taken with your newborn completely bare so it's a good idea to bump your thermostat up about five degrees to keep them warm enough to sleep. Please, also try to feed your infant right before our session.

2. Be prepared for our session to last around three hours. It's important that we take our time and as many feeding breaks as necessary to get your new baby sleeping soundly for the photo session.

3. Have your baby undressed, loosely diapered, and wrapped in a blanket so that we can easily remove the blanket and diaper without disturbing the baby's sleep too much.

4. I will bring props - many wraps, hats, etc. - but if you have anything specific you would like the baby photographed in, have that item out and available for the session.

5. Newborn sessions are typically done in your home where you and your baby are most comfortable in these first few days. Lighting is perhaps the most crucial element to a good portrait. Therefore, I will need to use whatever space in your home has the best light. Please do not feel the need to burden yourself with extra cleaning or worry about me entering a certain room. The background of your home will not appear in the photographs (unless we are capturing it specifically ie. the nursery) I just need the best light!!

6. You will need a long-sleeved black shirt. Nothing fancy. You will wear this shirt as the "backdrop" for some photographs in which I want nothing but your baby and your hands to appear.

7. Our photo session should be fun as we capture the first precious days of your newborn's life. One amazing characteristic of newborns is their automatic connection to their parents right from the start. It's important that you not worry about our session being successful. I'll make sure of that. Just relax, and let me do the work. This will help your newborn remain at ease.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Photo Session Agreement

Below you will find a link to the pdf document containg the Photo Session Agreement. Please read the agreement and feel to contact me regarding any questions.

Photo Session Agreement


Coffee Table Books, Canvas and more...

Tamara Sams Photography Price List: (2.8.09)


Print Credit Prices:


11x14........ $75



After print credit has been spent, additional prints may be ordered at the above prices less a 10% discount.

Coffee Table Books:

8 1/2 x 11 - Containing every image (in either color OR black and white if both options are made available) from the Image Gallery on archival

Linen or paper hardback: $250

Custom image cover: $260

Leather: $270

Add dust jacket: $10

Inquire about additional sizes or more custom options.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas:


11x14........ $140



Greeting Cards:
$50 per 25 cards

What to Wear...

I am usually asked for ideas regarding what to wear for a photo session. There's no need to run out and buy new outfits for everyone, but a little thought can be fun and make a difference in your portraits. So, here's a list of tips to keep in mind when you are choosing clothing.

1.) Add texture. By this I mean layers (a sweater over a button down shirt, jackets, layered tees), denim, knitted scarves and hats, tutus, corduroy. Texture adds an element of interest to a photograph.

2.) Keep it simple. Solid colors or simple patterns. Bold patterns distract from what's really important...your family.

3.) Avoid solid white or black clothing. Tricky to photograph, not very interesting.

4.) Avoid logos and anything else that might be distracting and date a photograph. A little trendy is ok...just don't over-do it. Remember those photos of us from back in the 80's...yeah.

5.) If I'm taking photos of your whole family, you don't have to match exactly, but similar clothing is great. One element that ties everyone together works. For example, everyone can wear jeans and a T-shirt of a different color.

6.) If I'm just photographing your children, it's not important for them to match. It's great to let their unique personalities come through.

If you aren't sure, feel free to bring a few things and we can decide together. One change of clothes during the session is fine. More than that and kids tend to get impatient. Extra clothing is always a good idea with children in case something gets messed up ;).