Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun with Family :)

These beautiful siblings are my cousins!! We went downtown for our photo session for all the interesting brick, textures, and colors. We got to play on railroad tracks and explore hidden nooks and alleys of an old city. Thanks so much for letting go and having so much fun with me...the pictures turned out to be amazing ;).

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ms. A and Mr. J....too cute :)

This beach is really gorgeous right now because all these rocks washed ashore from a big storm. They add texture, dimension and create beautiful, shallow pools of ocean water to play in. What a great place for a photo shoot! We had tons of fun climbing on the stones and splashing around. A and J taunted each other like a brother and sister do :) and dared each other to wade further out into the sea. By the end of the shoot, they were both completely soaking wet...lol. Teeth chattering, they held each other close and I was able to capture those adorable close-ups.

! Rock-a-Frilly !

So, recently I was asked to photograph this gorgeous little girl in a variety of hand-made couture tutus for Rock-a-Frilly : a local children's boutique. Of course, I did and now I am so excited to be able to get the word out about this awesome boutique. Not only are these tutus gorgeous, they are also very well made. I should know because one of them got drenched in the ocean and covered in sand during a beach photo shoot...ruined? Absolutely not! We just shook it out, dried it, and it poofed right back up...lol :)